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Connecting Communities through Our Languages, Cultures, and Stories

Forty-two Years of Educational Excellence for English Learners & Biliteracy for All

March 29 - April 1, 2017

Anaheim Marriott and Hilton Hotels
Anaheim, California 

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Thursday, March 30

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Excellent Instruction for Those Who Need It Most Marriott Room: Platinum 4 Linguistically Responsive Instruction: Transforming Perceptions, Pedagogy and Practice for Educating SELs Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Literacy Squared: A New Generation Biliteracy Program Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom F Music and Movement to Enhance Learning Sheraton Room: Plaza Ballroom The Vital Role of Leadership in Accelerating Learning for EL students. Marriott Room: Elite 1 A Model of EL Professional Learning through ELD Summer School Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Actualidad Migratoria, Recomendaciones en casos de Detención Hilton Room: Huntington Ballroom Bilingualism and Biliteracy Through 21st Century STEM+ Sheraton Room: Garden A Building Foundational Literacy Skills through Integrated Content Instruction Sheraton Room: Garden C Civic Education: Youth Participatory Action Research in an Ethnic Studies Class Marriott Room: San Diego Close-Up on Close Reading Marriott Room: Platinum 7 Cultural Proficiency Importance in Creating Communities of Inclusion in Dual Language Programs Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Designing a Transformative English Learner Master Plan through Community Engagement Marriott Room: Elite 3 Educators Supporting Migrant Students/Families: A Cultural Proficiency Approach Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B ELD in the Primary Classroom Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Establishing, Building, and Strengthening Multiple Pathways to Biliteracy at the Secondary Level Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Family Digital Storytelling: A Culturally Relevant Approach to Familial Outreach Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H Fomente la adquisición del lenguaje oral y el vocabulario con las bellas artes. Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Funds of Knowledge/Cognitive Linguistic Control: Empowering Students’ Written Expression Marriott Room: Newport Beach Implementing Peer-Peer Interaction Activities in Dual Language Classrooms: Promising Practices Marriott Room: Los Angeles Language Teachers...To The Core Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Las evaluaciones de lectoescritura en español: gratis. Hilton Room: Catalina 3 Learn With Me/Aprende Conmigo: A Two-Generation Parenting Class Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Let's hold a speech contest! Motivating Students to Develop Academic Speaking Skills Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Literacy for All: An Introduction to Comprehensive Literacy Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Los padres: socios claves en la educación de sus hijos. Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning in the Educational System Marriott Room: Desert Springs Mentores transformaciónales: Guiando a los padres de liderazgo sobre la educación superior. Hilton Room: Redondo Multilingual Opportunities...the LEARN Initiative (Prop 58)! Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E Niños indigo - niños cristal - un mundo de esperanza. Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Practical Tools to Help Students Access Complex Text Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Proposición 58: La Iniciativa LEARN Hilton Room: Manhattan RULE of 3 RAP Closes the GAP Academic Vocabulary Development and Literacy Marriott Room: Platinum 2 Servathon - Engaging All Students in Community Service Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas So Much Fun! Families Learning Together! Hilton Room: Oceanside Taking Common Core Writing Text Types to Paragraphs and Beyond Marriott Room: Elite 2 Techniques for Supporting Interdisciplinary Literacy Instruction for English Learners Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J The Development of the California English Learner Roadmap Marriott Room: Platinum 1 The Power of Instructional Verbs Marriott Room: La Jolla The Power of Peer Revising for English Learners Sheraton Room: Garden B The World in the Classroom: Honoring Children’s Identities and Experiences Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Together We Can: Developing Growth Mindsets in Parents to Create College-Going Cultures Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B WRITE Institute: Informative Writing for Disciplinary Language and Literacy, Grades K-12 Hilton Room: Catalina 6 ¿Cómo puede su hijo asistir a la universidad? Hilton Room: San Clemente An Overview of Two-Way Bilingual/Dual Immersion Programs ($ Pre-Registration Required) Day 2 of 2 Hilton Room: Catalina 2 Interactive Notebooking in Secondary Mathematics: Integrating ELD to Support Student Success ($ Pre-Registration Required) Day 2 of 2 Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Kagan Structures for Active Engagement and Language Development ($ Pre-Registration Required) Day 2 of 2 Hilton Room: Laguna A/B Moving from Knowing to Implementing: Integrated ELD Across the Content ($ Pre-Registration Required) Day 2 of 2 Hilton: Capistrano A/Capistrano B Flipping the Script: Listening to and Empowering Parents Sheraton Room: Park C “SLIPPING IN SLANG” Know it or risk embarrassment and isolation Sheraton Room: Park D

1:30pm PDT

Addressing Issues of Deprivation and Vulnerability in the Age of Globalization: From Bilingual Education to Bilingual Immersion Education. Marriott Room: Elite 3 Enabling All Bilingual Students to Succeed in Mathematics: Algebraic Thinking, Problem Solving, and Mathematics Vocabulary Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Learning Words, Learning How Words Work: The Foundation for Reading Complex Text Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Arts and Literacy in Chinese Dual Language Preschool Program 幼兒雙語班之: 藝術與語言 Hilton Room: Catalina 2 Be a Part of Improving Our State for English Learners Marriott Room: Platinum 4 California Mini-Corps Story-Celebrating 50 years. Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Connecting Thematic Spanish Content with Designated ELD in Elementary Classrooms Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Create Engaging 21st Century Curriculum that Develops the Language Skills of Els Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas El perfil cultural proficiente: Cómo trabajar y aprender con estudiantes y familias migrantes. Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Embracing the Value of Family and Community Partnerships through the LCAP Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Engaging English Learners in a Socially-Just Learning Classroom Marriott Room: Newport Beach Engaging in Shared Research Projects: Meaning Making through Informational Text Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Going Batty with Complex Text & Writing Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Inquiry into ELD: Teacher-Empowering, Student-Centered Professional Development Arc Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Is It a Language Issue or a Skill Iissue? Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H Juntos podemos: Desarrollando mentalidades de crecimiento para crear culturas universitarias en casa. Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B Key Factors and Pedagogical Strategies for a Successful Transition of TWI students Sheraton Room: Garden B La experiencia de México con el modelo educativo indígena bilingüe (MEVyT-MIB). Hilton Room: Redondo Math Activities that Maximize Reasoning with Minimal Language Demands Hilton Room: Oceanside Mathematize any activity to promote engagement and close the math experience gap Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Mindfulness in Education: Understanding and Helping Thoughtfully Marriott Room: Platinum 7 Multiculturalism and Global Competence in the Classroom Marriott Room: Desert Springs Muslims, Arabs and Our Critical Consciousness: What Every American Educator Should Know Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Padres brillantes. Hilton Room: Manhattan Parent Engagement Strategies Including Father Involvement Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Promoting Continuous Improvement Via Reflection on LCAP and Evaluation Rubrics. Marriott Room: Elite 1 Teach Reading and Writing Like a Jazz Musician! Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Teachers’ Perceptions of Dual Language Immersion Programs Marriott Room: Los Angeles The Quality Professional Learning Standards Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E The SEAL Dance: From Courtship to Speed Dating Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J Transforming Biliteracy Instruction in an Immersion Program Using the Workshop Model Sheraton Room: Park D Unidades integrales: el camino hacia el siglo XXI. Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Unpacking Academic Language in Text: Starting with the End in Mind Sheraton Room: Garden C Using squiggle drawings for language development through storytelling Marriott Room: La Jolla Using Technology to Ignite Bilingual Education Marriott Room: Elite 2 Wolves: Writing Across Text Types for TK-2 Marriott Room: San Diego WRITE Institute: Informative Writing Across Content, Grades K-5 Hilton Room: Catalina 6 Writers Workshop in the Common Core Classroom Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Cross-Linguistic Transfer: The Spanish-English Connection Sheraton Room: Tiffany Terrace Addressing the Demands of Attentive Listening in Academic Interaction Sheraton Room: Plaza Ballroom Well-implemented Dual Language Education: From Remediation to Enrichment Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom F Preparing Highly Qualified Biliterate & Bicultural Teachers for California Schools Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Aligning Systems of Support and Supporting English Learners with Disabilities Sheraton Room: Park A Creativity and the Arts: Strategies for English Learner Success Marriott Room: Platinum 2 Critical Examination of Dual Language Educators: Ideology, Pedagogy, Access, and Equity (IPAE) Sheraton Room: Park B Equity/Excellence: Fractions on the Number Line for ALL Students Sheraton Room: Palm E Los estándares comunes, el multiculturalismo y la tecnología Hilton Room: Catalina 3 Mejoramos el aprendizaje del español: Grados 3, 4, 5, 6 Sheraton Room: Palm W Plaza Comunitaria e Información para la Revalidación de Títulos Profesionales Hilton Room: San Clemente Sí, se puede - los beneficios de involucrarse en la educación de sus hijos. Hilton Room: Huntington Ballroom

3:15pm PDT

Engaging Students in Critical Literary Analysis Using Biography, Social Justice Fiction & Fairy Tales From a Vygotskian Theoretical Framework Marriott Room: Elite 1 Accelerate Academic Language in English & Spanish: Close Read Art! Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Aligning District and School Systems to Support English Learners Hilton Room: Oceanside Attaining the Promise: Mapping the Trajectory toward the Promise of Biliteracy and Academic Excellence Marriott Room: Elite 2 Bringing Designated ELD to Light Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H California State Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E Canciones y juegos tradicionales en español para niños Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Cognitive Coaching to Improve Instruction Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Cómo la tolerancia multicultural fortalece la participación familiar Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Connecting Research to Advocacy for English Learners Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Cooperative Learning: Using Group Processing for Effective Team Learning Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Creating a Culture of Parent Empowerment and Community Partnerships Marriott Room: Los Angeles Creating the Framework for A Growing Biliteracy Curriculum Sheraton Room: Garden B ED Talks Sheraton Room: Garden C Empowering Voices: Project GLAD Strategies for Equity Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Engaging Undergraduates: Freirean Pedagogy in the Community Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Engineering and Design with The Three Little Pigs Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J Foldable Transformations: Transparent and Transportable Academic Vocabulary Strategies for English Language Learners Marriott Room: Desert Springs From Idea To Book: Mamá The Alien/ Mamá la extraterrestre Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Increasing Parent Engagement Through Joint DELAC and DAC Meetings Marriott Room: Newport Beach Integrating Global Competency as a 21st Century Skill Marriott Room: Platinum 7 La comunicación efectiva y el liderazgo en los comités escolares: DELAC, SSC, ELAC, LCAP. Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B La educación bilingüe, un tesoro al alcance de los manos. Hilton Room: Redondo Make it Stick: Empowering Teachers to Own their Professional Development Marriott Room: Elite 3 Mentoring Latinas for Educational Leadership Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Online ELD and Academic English Assessment Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Prop 58 passed. Now what? Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Refinement and Alignment of Designated and Integrated ELD Sheraton Room: Garden A Resumen de cursos para graduarse de la escuela preparatoria y para preparase para la universidad para estudiantes indocumentados Hilton Room: Manhattan Rime Magic: The Decoding Solution! Hilton Room: Catalina 6 Spanish TWI transitions from Elementary to Middle School for Students Academically at-Risk. Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Special Educaton in the World of Dual Immersion Sheraton Room: Park D Trends & Traps: Social Media & Human Trafficking in Schools Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Using ELD Standards to Teach High School English Learners Vocabulary Marriott Room: Platinum 4 Using Title III Funds to Enrich the Educational Experience for English Learners Marriott Room: La Jolla Young Interpreters: Developing Appreciation of Bilingualism and Cultural Awareness Marriott Room: San Diego

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