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Connecting Communities through Our Languages, Cultures, and Stories

Forty-two Years of Educational Excellence for English Learners & Biliteracy for All

March 29 - April 1, 2017

Anaheim Marriott and Hilton Hotels
Anaheim, California 

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Friday, March 31


10:30am PDT

Educational Trajectories of EL Students in Dual Language Programs Marriott Room: Elite 1 Framework for Biliteracy: Teaching for Cross-Linguistic Transfer Marriott Room: Platinum 2 The ART in Language ARTs: An Integrated Literacy Approach Marriott Room: Platinum 3 (Canceled) La educación financiera como herramienta para lograr la inclusión social Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B All Voices on Deck: Achieving Success through Academic Conversations Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas An Overview of Two-way/Dual Immersion Programs: The Basics Marriott Room: Elite 3 Brain Research and EL Strategies Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Bringing Designated ELD to Light Marriott Room: Suite 315 Building Capacity and Empowerment in Latino Parents through Parent Mentoring Programs Hilton Room: Redondo Building Stronger Castles: Understanding Trickle Down Effects of Leadership Marriott Room: Los Angeles Ciencias: Una demostración y discusión sobre una unidad de circuitos eléctricos. Marriott Room: Suite 304 Comprehension Magic: Strategies that really work!! Hilton Room: Catalina 6 Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom and School Community Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B De niño inmigrante a escritor: Una historia de éxito Marriott Room: Orange County 2 Designated and Integrated ELD Made Easy Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Designing a Parent Involvement Program to Increase Parent Engagement Hilton Room: Manhattan Developing Parental Academic, Social and Cultural Literacy Through Student Book Clubs Marriott Room: Desert Springs Digital Differentiation for Dual Language/Els Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Doing Mathematics the Common Core Way: Implications for English Learners Marriott Room: Newport Beach Effective Electronics Connection Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Effective Understanding of Designated and Integrated ELD through Collaboration and Interaction Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Empowering Parents through the Reflective Learning Walks Process Hilton Room: Capistrano A Engagement strategies that elicit language for Integrated and Designated ELD Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Engaging Special Needs ELs through Fine Art Discussions Marriott Room: Elite 2 Estrellita: Building a Reading Foundation in Spanish for EL and SL Students Hilton Room: Laguna A Extracting a Data Goldmine for Language Development Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Fortaleciendo la participación de padres a través de PICS Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Getting Our Students Excited About STEM: Creating and Communicating Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E Inscribing Digital Spaces: Activating the Inner Hero Marriott Room: La Jolla Llegando a una escuela de otro país. Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H Looking for a Few Good Presenters: Presenting 101 Marriott Room: Orange County 1 Magical Bag Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Mexican textbooks for bilingual education Hilton Room: San Clemente OCDE Project GLAD® en español Marriott Room: Platinum 7 Outdoor Education for Migrant Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Preschool GLAD®: Alive, Aloud, and A lot of Language Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Project Based Learning: A strategy for developing English Literacy Marriott Room: Platinum 4 Providing Instructional Scaffolds to Support Language Learners Hilton Room: Capistrano B Solutions for Newcomers: Accelerated English Language Acquisition and Cultural Assimilation Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J Spanish Literacy Intervention that Works Hilton Room: Laguna B Super Models! Language Mentors through Diverse Texts Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Tablets to Teach Kindergarten & Pre-K Mathematics Marriott Room: San Diego Teach Us Your Name: Embracing Name and Identity Diversity Marriott Room: Suite 312 Teacher Leaders Impacting Families toward Excellence Hilton Room: Catalina 4 The Magic Eraser Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Todo sobre inmigración: Conozca sus derechos y opciones migratorias. Hilton Room: Huntington Ballroom Una orientación para la enseñanza de la ortografía. Hilton Room: Catalina 2 Using Your Native Language at Home...Is that Good? Hilton Room: Catalina 3 What Happens in Vegas...A Diversified Approach to Family Engagement Hilton Room: Oceanside Word Intelligence: Research-Proven Academic Vocabulary Curriculum for English Learners in Grades 6-10 Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Administrative Leadership Symposium: Asking the Right Questions... Creating Equity Based School Communities Under the Current State and National Educational Context Anaheim Marriott Providing Productive Feedback to English Learners on Spoken and Written Errors Sheraton Room: Plaza Ballroom Leading with Learning: Implementing California's ELA/ELD Framework through Comprehensive Professional Learning Model Sheraton Room: Park C

12:30pm PDT

1:30pm PDT

Cross Country...Cross-Cultural...Inspiring Stories Marriott Room: Elite 2 Cultivating Oral Language and Literacy Talent in Students (COLLTS) Marriott Room: Elite 3 Engaging with books to become empowered: Literature & Identity Marriott Room: Platinum 2 That’s not what I meant! Communicating Across Cultures. Marriott Room: Elite 1 A Visual Approach to Content-Based Language Development Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Asistir la universidad: ¿Una verdadera posiblidad para los padres? Hilton Room: Redondo AUHSD's Parent Leadership Academy: Empowering Parents to Build a Stronger Community Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B Be GLAD! Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Biliteracy into Middle School: Bridging Dual Language and AP Marriott Room: Los Angeles Building Bridges Between Languages: Biliteracy Interventions for English Learners Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas Building College, Career, and Life Readiness through Community Mentorships Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H Cultivando el gusto por la lectura en todos los niños. Hilton Room: Huntington Ballroom Deconstructing Language: Learning How English Works Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Designing Meaningful PD Around Key Principles for EL Instruction Marriott Room: Orange County 4 El éxito empieza en el hogar. Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Exclusion & Expulsion: Unconstitutional Deportation of Mexican American Children in the 1930s Hilton Room: Capistrano B Funds of Knowledge in Latino/a Families: Perspectives of the Parents Marriott Room: La Jolla Helping Children to Be Creative Leaners at Home and School Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Hidden in Plain Sight: Educating California's Latino SELs Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Immigration issues facing California students and their families Marriott Room: Desert Springs Implementing Supportive Teaching Practice Changes for EL Students’ Success Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A La expresión oral de los estudiantes en el programa dual español Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Language and Content: Building Mastery for Secondary English Learners Hilton Room: Oceanside Make Your Own Interactive Challenges to Teach Academic Language. Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Muslims, Arabs and Our Critical Consciousness: What Every American Educator Should Know Marriott Room: Suite 312 Nuestros padres cruzaron fronteras y nuevas barreras para nuestro enriquecimiento Hilton Room: Laguna B Políticas de Protección para Mexicanos en el Exterior Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Preparación para la ayuda financiera - empezando con el FAFSA hasta la revisión de la oferta del apoyo financiero Hilton Room: Manhattan Principals’ Perceptions of How Mentorship Influenced Ability to Lead Dual Language Campuses Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Project-Based Learning in Secondary Spanish Dual Immersion Marriott Room: Suite 315 Spanish-English Biliteracy Transfer (SEBT) - The Power of Biliteracy Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G STORYWORLD - Effective tools for bilingual literacy Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J The CA ELD Standards in Action Marriott Room: Platinum 7 Two Languages on My Tongue: U.S. Spanish in the Classroom Marriott Room: Orange County 2 Using ELA/ELD Framework Resources to Support Effective English Learner Instruction Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies That Work! Marriott Room: Suite 304 ¡Viva el mariachi! 2.0: the Nuts & Bolts of Implementation Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Empowering Every Teacher to Excel with ELs Marriott Room: Platinum 4 (Canceled) Teaching Students to Generate and Evaluate Questions in Teams Sheraton Room: Park D At the Intersection of Art, Youth Justice, Equity, and English Learners Hilton Room: Catalina 6 California Preschool Programs and Resources to Support Young Dual Language Learning Hilton Room: Catalina 2 Community Education for Social Change: Critical Pedagogy Alongside Students, Parents, and Teachers Hilton Room: Catalina 3 Designated/Integrated ELD and Assessments for English and Spanish Learners Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Dual Language Immersion Program Showcase Sheraton Room: Park D Interweaving OCDE Project GLAD® with 21st Century Skills Sheraton Room: Park A La examinación de la estructura de las oraciones y los contextos bilingües. La doble inmersión de la lengua Hilton Room: San Clemente Language Explorers: Differentiated Instruction for Newcomer and Immigrant Students Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Using the Spanish Language Development Standards Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E What Every Interpreter Should Know in Regards to IEPs Marriott Room: Orange County 1 ¡La educación fortalece nuestra identidad y nuestras habilidades para vivir! Hilton Room: Laguna A

3:15pm PDT

7 Steps To Raising A High Achiever Marriott Room: Elite 1 Music to Inspire Dual Language Acquisition Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Apoyar a Sus Hijos/Hijas Ser Creativos en Casa y Escuela Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Barrio Teacher: Speaking from the Heart! Marriott Room: San Diego Bilingual Cognitive Advantages: Speaking More Than One Language Has Benefits Marriott Room: Elite 3 Boost Academic Vocabulary Through Content Area Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Building Capacity Across a School Community: A Collection of Stories Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Building Leadership, Expertise and Collaboration Through an EL Coaching Model Marriott Room: Platinum 2 Cognitive Guided Instruction (Math) in a Spanish Dual Immersion Program Marriott Room: Newport Beach Creating Art with Children's Books Marriott Room: Orange County 2 Different reading levels? These center activities are a great solution! Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Digging into Designated ELD Hilton Room: Capistrano B Engineering is Elementary from the Museum of Science in Boston. Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H English and Spanish Academic Vocabulary based on Fine Art Discussions Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J English Learners and the New State Accountability System Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom F Expanding College Opportunities for High School Latino English Learners Marriott Room: Desert Springs First Year of Dual Language Immersion Implementation: Lessons Learned Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Implementing a Late Immersion Program Marriott Room: Los Angeles Integrating Content and Assessment in Day-to-Day Activities for Newcomers Marriott Room: Elite 2 La disciplina con la dignidad siete días a la semana. Hilton Room: Huntington Ballroom Los padres y los maestros construyendo bases académicas solidas en estudiantes exitosos. Hilton Room: Palos Verdes A Meaningful Communication with English Learner Parents Hilton Room: Manhattan Medidas que facilitan acceso a las escuelas y revalidación de estudios Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Motivating Students to Read with Puppets ! Marriott Room: Suite 312 Parents of Long-Term English Learners: Networks and Knowledge Marriott Room: La Jolla Strengthening Academic Language with Podcasts Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Summer Does Matter For Your Children Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Tablets to Teach Kindergarten & Pre-K Mathematics Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Thematic Instruction Aligned to Common Core ELA, Science, and Social Studies Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Unpacking Academic Language in Text: Starting with the End in Mind Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas Using Actionable Data to Drive Instruction Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Want to be a millionaire? Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Why Mental Health in Schools: Barriers to Learning Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Writers Workshop in the Common Core Classroom Hilton Room: Oceanside Writing an Integrated Bilingual Shape Poem Marriott Room: Suite 315 ¡Qué divertido! Aprendiendo en la familia. Hilton Room: Laguna B

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