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Connecting Communities through Our Languages, Cultures, and Stories

Forty-two Years of Educational Excellence for English Learners & Biliteracy for All

March 29 - April 1, 2017

Anaheim Marriott and Hilton Hotels
Anaheim, California 

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Friday, March 31

10:30am PDT

Framework for Biliteracy: Teaching for Cross-Linguistic Transfer Marriott Room: Platinum 2 The ART in Language ARTs: An Integrated Literacy Approach Marriott Room: Platinum 3 All Voices on Deck: Achieving Success through Academic Conversations Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas An Overview of Two-way/Dual Immersion Programs: The Basics Marriott Room: Elite 3 Brain Research and EL Strategies Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Bringing Designated ELD to Light Marriott Room: Suite 315 Building Capacity and Empowerment in Latino Parents through Parent Mentoring Programs Hilton Room: Redondo Building Stronger Castles: Understanding Trickle Down Effects of Leadership Marriott Room: Los Angeles Comprehension Magic: Strategies that really work!! Hilton Room: Catalina 6 Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom and School Community Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Designated and Integrated ELD Made Easy Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Designing a Parent Involvement Program to Increase Parent Engagement Hilton Room: Manhattan Developing Parental Academic, Social and Cultural Literacy Through Student Book Clubs Marriott Room: Desert Springs Digital Differentiation for Dual Language/Els Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Doing Mathematics the Common Core Way: Implications for English Learners Marriott Room: Newport Beach Effective Electronics Connection Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom D Effective Understanding of Designated and Integrated ELD through Collaboration and Interaction Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Empowering Parents through the Reflective Learning Walks Process Hilton Room: Capistrano A Engagement strategies that elicit language for Integrated and Designated ELD Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Engaging Special Needs ELs through Fine Art Discussions Marriott Room: Elite 2 Estrellita: Building a Reading Foundation in Spanish for EL and SL Students Hilton Room: Laguna A Extracting a Data Goldmine for Language Development Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Getting Our Students Excited About STEM: Creating and Communicating Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E Inscribing Digital Spaces: Activating the Inner Hero Marriott Room: La Jolla Looking for a Few Good Presenters: Presenting 101 Marriott Room: Orange County 1 Magical Bag Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Mexican textbooks for bilingual education Hilton Room: San Clemente Outdoor Education for Migrant Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Preschool GLAD®: Alive, Aloud, and A lot of Language Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Project Based Learning: A strategy for developing English Literacy Marriott Room: Platinum 4 Providing Instructional Scaffolds to Support Language Learners Hilton Room: Capistrano B Solutions for Newcomers: Accelerated English Language Acquisition and Cultural Assimilation Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J Spanish Literacy Intervention that Works Hilton Room: Laguna B Super Models! Language Mentors through Diverse Texts Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Tablets to Teach Kindergarten & Pre-K Mathematics Marriott Room: San Diego Teach Us Your Name: Embracing Name and Identity Diversity Marriott Room: Suite 312 Teacher Leaders Impacting Families toward Excellence Hilton Room: Catalina 4 The Magic Eraser Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Using Your Native Language at Home...Is that Good? Hilton Room: Catalina 3 What Happens in Vegas...A Diversified Approach to Family Engagement Hilton Room: Oceanside Word Intelligence: Research-Proven Academic Vocabulary Curriculum for English Learners in Grades 6-10 Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Providing Productive Feedback to English Learners on Spoken and Written Errors Sheraton Room: Plaza Ballroom Leading with Learning: Implementing California's ELA/ELD Framework through Comprehensive Professional Learning Model Sheraton Room: Park C

1:30pm PDT

Cultivating Oral Language and Literacy Talent in Students (COLLTS) Marriott Room: Elite 3 Engaging with books to become empowered: Literature & Identity Marriott Room: Platinum 2 A Visual Approach to Content-Based Language Development Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K AUHSD's Parent Leadership Academy: Empowering Parents to Build a Stronger Community Hilton Room: Palos Verdes B Be GLAD! Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Biliteracy into Middle School: Bridging Dual Language and AP Marriott Room: Los Angeles Building Bridges Between Languages: Biliteracy Interventions for English Learners Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas Building College, Career, and Life Readiness through Community Mentorships Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H Deconstructing Language: Learning How English Works Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Designing Meaningful PD Around Key Principles for EL Instruction Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Exclusion & Expulsion: Unconstitutional Deportation of Mexican American Children in the 1930s Hilton Room: Capistrano B Funds of Knowledge in Latino/a Families: Perspectives of the Parents Marriott Room: La Jolla Helping Children to Be Creative Leaners at Home and School Hilton Room: Catalina 4 Hidden in Plain Sight: Educating California's Latino SELs Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Immigration issues facing California students and their families Marriott Room: Desert Springs Implementing Supportive Teaching Practice Changes for EL Students’ Success Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Language and Content: Building Mastery for Secondary English Learners Hilton Room: Oceanside Make Your Own Interactive Challenges to Teach Academic Language. Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Muslims, Arabs and Our Critical Consciousness: What Every American Educator Should Know Marriott Room: Suite 312 Principals’ Perceptions of How Mentorship Influenced Ability to Lead Dual Language Campuses Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Project-Based Learning in Secondary Spanish Dual Immersion Marriott Room: Suite 315 Spanish-English Biliteracy Transfer (SEBT) - The Power of Biliteracy Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G STORYWORLD - Effective tools for bilingual literacy Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J The CA ELD Standards in Action Marriott Room: Platinum 7 Two Languages on My Tongue: U.S. Spanish in the Classroom Marriott Room: Orange County 2 Using ELA/ELD Framework Resources to Support Effective English Learner Instruction Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies That Work! Marriott Room: Suite 304 ¡Viva el mariachi! 2.0: the Nuts & Bolts of Implementation Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Empowering Every Teacher to Excel with ELs Marriott Room: Platinum 4 (Canceled) Teaching Students to Generate and Evaluate Questions in Teams Sheraton Room: Park D At the Intersection of Art, Youth Justice, Equity, and English Learners Hilton Room: Catalina 6 California Preschool Programs and Resources to Support Young Dual Language Learning Hilton Room: Catalina 2 Community Education for Social Change: Critical Pedagogy Alongside Students, Parents, and Teachers Hilton Room: Catalina 3 Designated/Integrated ELD and Assessments for English and Spanish Learners Hilton Room: Catalina 5 Dual Language Immersion Program Showcase Sheraton Room: Park D Interweaving OCDE Project GLAD® with 21st Century Skills Sheraton Room: Park A Language Explorers: Differentiated Instruction for Newcomer and Immigrant Students Marriott Room: Orange County 3 Using the Spanish Language Development Standards Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom E What Every Interpreter Should Know in Regards to IEPs Marriott Room: Orange County 1

3:15pm PDT

7 Steps To Raising A High Achiever Marriott Room: Elite 1 Music to Inspire Dual Language Acquisition Marriott Room: Platinum 1 Barrio Teacher: Speaking from the Heart! Marriott Room: San Diego Bilingual Cognitive Advantages: Speaking More Than One Language Has Benefits Marriott Room: Elite 3 Boost Academic Vocabulary Through Content Area Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities Marriott Room: Platinum 9 Building Capacity Across a School Community: A Collection of Stories Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom A Building Leadership, Expertise and Collaboration Through an EL Coaching Model Marriott Room: Platinum 2 Cognitive Guided Instruction (Math) in a Spanish Dual Immersion Program Marriott Room: Newport Beach Creating Art with Children's Books Marriott Room: Orange County 2 Different reading levels? These center activities are a great solution! Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom G Digging into Designated ELD Hilton Room: Capistrano B Engineering is Elementary from the Museum of Science in Boston. Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom H English and Spanish Academic Vocabulary based on Fine Art Discussions Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom J English Learners and the New State Accountability System Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom F Expanding College Opportunities for High School Latino English Learners Marriott Room: Desert Springs First Year of Dual Language Immersion Implementation: Lessons Learned Marriott Room: Orange County 4 Implementing a Late Immersion Program Marriott Room: Los Angeles Integrating Content and Assessment in Day-to-Day Activities for Newcomers Marriott Room: Elite 2 Meaningful Communication with English Learner Parents Hilton Room: Manhattan Motivating Students to Read with Puppets ! Marriott Room: Suite 312 Parents of Long-Term English Learners: Networks and Knowledge Marriott Room: La Jolla Strengthening Academic Language with Podcasts Hilton Room: Catalina 7 Summer Does Matter For Your Children Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom C Tablets to Teach Kindergarten & Pre-K Mathematics Marriott Room: Platinum 8 Thematic Instruction Aligned to Common Core ELA, Science, and Social Studies Hilton Room: Catalina 1 Unpacking Academic Language in Text: Starting with the End in Mind Marriott Room: Rancho Las Palmas Using Actionable Data to Drive Instruction Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom K Want to be a millionaire? Marriott Room: Platinum 3 Why Mental Health in Schools: Barriers to Learning Marriott Room: Grand Ballroom B Writers Workshop in the Common Core Classroom Hilton Room: Oceanside Writing an Integrated Bilingual Shape Poem Marriott Room: Suite 315

4:45pm PDT


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